How To Become A Self Employed Window Cleaner

Starting up your own window cleaning round can offer you the flexibility and benefits of being self employed. You can choose your hours of work, decide where to look for customers and what prices to charge.
It is possible to make good money and our guide looks at how you become a self-employed window cleaner.

Getting started

When starting your own window cleaning business you will first need to obtain all the necessary equipment for your job. You will need to buy:

• A squeegee
• A glass scraper (to remove stubborn deposits)
• A scrim/microfibre
• A T-bar (for applying water and detergent)
• A bucket (many buckets are rectangular with a T-bar sieve)
• A window cleaning pole
• A ladder
• A stepladder
• Some small steps
• Water carriers (as not everyone is at home to provide water)
• Washing up liquid, detergent and cream cleaner

Depending where your window cleaning round is you may also need a car or van in order to transport your ladders and equipment from one house to the next.

You may also need to buy further equipment such as a roof rack for your car or van and gloves for when the weather is cold.

Registering as self employed

One of the first things you should do after you decide to become a self employed window cleaner is to register as self-employed. You do this by contacting HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

You are likely to have to start paying National Insurance contributions on a weekly basis and you will have to submit a Self Assessment tax return every year.

You should make sure that you keep receipts for all your expenses such as the purchase of tools and equipment. You’ll also need to keep a record of what you earn on a daily/weekly basis in order to complete your tax return.

Other factors to consider

You may want to consider protecting your business by taking out public liability insurance. This would cover you if, for example, you accidentally dropped a ladder onto a car, causing some damage.

You also need to keep careful notes of who your customers are in order that you can make sure you visit on a monthly basis. Many window cleaners use a diary or book to keep track of who their customers are and when they are next due a visit.

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